Rough Layout Artist

Mid-City, Los Angeles

A Rough Layout Artist creates shot sequences that convey story through the application of traditional filmmaking principles in a 3D computer graphics environment.


  • Establish character blocking, camera positioning and animate camera movement
  • Create an animatic interpretation of the story reel
  • Ensure that the vision of the Director and Art Director are incorporated into the film
  • Scout locations and sets with Director and Production Designer
  • Work with existing storyboards, recreate and/or enhance story through cinematic layout of shots
  • Create rough pre-visualization models and environments to facilitate animatic work
  • In collaboration with the Art Department, pre-visualize/layout the look of film including character animation/blocking, camera motion, rough editing, locations, effects, etc. through modeling, surfacing, and rigging
  • Optimize assets and scenes for real time interactive playback
  • Deliver shot data to Final Layout Department
  • Communicate with all parts of pipeline to find solutions that facilitate production process


  • Minimum 4+ years working as Layout or PreVis artist
  • Demonstrates a sense of filmic staging and storytelling
  • Ability to brainstorm inventive ideas to plus story material
  • Ability to interpret storyboards and story reels
  • Experience with Maya, AfterFX, and Nuke
  • Must be both an effective team-player and capable of working independently

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